The “City of Magic” / 魔都上海


New York is the big apple, the city that never sleeps. Rome, the eternal city. Paris, the city of love. Las Vegas, sin city.

These are all well-known city nicknames from stunning metropolis from all over the world. Every city has its proper personality, after all. Well-well-well, Shanghai’s got also its own among local Chinese, as I found out. It’s “Modu” in Mandarin Chinese, literally meaning “Magic City”, though I must notice that… the “Mo” character also means evil! Is it maybe a coincidence? True or not, the name mostly refers to the glitter & glamour of Shanghai, a city where everything is possible, having become the modern outpost of the Chinese dream. Much more suitable than the western-centric “Paris of the East” nickname, believe me.

And… after this premise, here we have a video produced from a famous trademark of headphones. It’s shot nicely, and it well catches the beat of the “city of magic”. And let me add: If I can make it there / I’ll make it everywhere.


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