Electronic Music (but good one) – SONOIO


Did you know that one of the long-time collaborators of Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails is an Italian keyboardist, and also a pretty good one…? I recently found out, so I made some investigation about this.

Alessandro Cortini, born in Bergamo in ’76, migrated to the US to pursue a career in music. Starting out on guitar at music school, he later developed an interst in synthesizers, modulators moogs, and synth music of the latest generation. He went on to master the genre, and was basically ‘hired’ by Trent Reznor to become an essential supporting member of Nine Inch Nails, from 2004 onwards. Alessandro then helped to streamline the new sound of the band, making it even more experimental and excessive. Known for their accurate studio recordings, Alessandro has been one of the key musician able to live-play most of NIN synthetic parts. 

This week I checked out some of Alessandro’s solo work, published under the pseudonym of SONOIO (“That’s me”), with two official relases + various other bands and side projects. Though not being a super fan of electronic music in general, I must say this have been a good soundtrack for me to start this grey December. Enjoy the video attached, and I hope you will feel like discovering more on this gifted artist. 


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