Beijing has turned into a beautiful ghost town for Chinese New Year


To all my followers, wish a happy Chinese Spring Festival. I will be travelling to Xi’an for few days. Catch you soon. xoxo

Bullet in the Head (1990)


Suspended between Hong Kong and Vietnam locations, the bloody reverie of “Bullet in the Head” (1990) by John Wood really has it all – truly a must-see for Asian action movie lovers.

Take a cast of skilled and handsome Hong Kong actors (from Cantopop sensation Jackie Cheung to my personal favourite Tony Leung), turn them into three lousy scoundrels trying to make a living at the backdrop of HK protests of 1968.

Send them to Vietnam in the middle of the war, to become traffickers in Saigon’s backstreets affairs. Let them go mad, get their brotherhood twisted, as they become prisoners of Vietcongs. Let Cheung receive a bullet right into his brains right from Tony Leung, and see how the three drift apart.

Pack everything with bloody thrist for action, napalm and car chase sequences, like John Woo knows best. Enjoy during Chinese New Year. 

“Persephøne” di Alberto Vertighel



Uno dei miei racconti degli ultimi mesi, Persphøne, e’ stato segnaato al prestigioso Premio Robot di quest’anno (per maggiori info

Sono alla ricerca di qualche editore interessato a valutarne la pubblicazione digitale in formato eBook. Sono particolarmente interessato a case editrici digitali, piu’ o meno underground/indipendenti, con una vocazione per narrativa di fantasia, alternative, fantascienza, etc. Sarei felice di condividere il manoscritto via email con eventuali interessati.

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