Electronic Music (but good one) – SONOIO


Did you know that one of the long-time collaborators of Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails is an Italian keyboardist, and also a pretty good one…? I recently found out, so I made some investigation about this.

Alessandro Cortini, born in Bergamo in ’76, migrated to the US to pursue a career in music. Starting out on guitar at music school, he later developed an interst in synthesizers, modulators moogs, and synth music of the latest generation. He went on to master the genre, and was basically ‘hired’ by Trent Reznor to become an essential supporting member of Nine Inch Nails, from 2004 onwards. Alessandro then helped to streamline the new sound of the band, making it even more experimental and excessive. Known for their accurate studio recordings, Alessandro has been one of the key musician able to live-play most of NIN synthetic parts. 

This week I checked out some of Alessandro’s solo work, published under the pseudonym of SONOIO (“That’s me”), with two official relases + various other bands and side projects. Though not being a super fan of electronic music in general, I must say this have been a good soundtrack for me to start this grey December. Enjoy the video attached, and I hope you will feel like discovering more on this gifted artist. 


Dial M for Murder (1954)


Let’s break away from those winter blues…

It’s cold outside, friends are all busy, Christmas about to arrive… then is there anything better to do in the weekend than re-discovering a classic Hitchcock movie?

“Dial M for Murder” – filmed in 1954 with Grace Kelly, one of Hitch’s masterpieces and a personal favourite. Here I post the trailer of this great classic for your chilly November nights – home alone! Do you really believe in “the perfect murder”?

The “City of Magic” / 魔都上海


New York is the big apple, the city that never sleeps. Rome, the eternal city. Paris, the city of love. Las Vegas, sin city.

These are all well-known city nicknames from stunning metropolis from all over the world. Every city has its proper personality, after all. Well-well-well, Shanghai’s got also its own among local Chinese, as I found out. It’s “Modu” in Mandarin Chinese, literally meaning “Magic City”, though I must notice that… the “Mo” character also means evil! Is it maybe a coincidence? True or not, the name mostly refers to the glitter & glamour of Shanghai, a city where everything is possible, having become the modern outpost of the Chinese dream. Much more suitable than the western-centric “Paris of the East” nickname, believe me.

And… after this premise, here we have a video produced from a famous trademark of headphones. It’s shot nicely, and it well catches the beat of the “city of magic”. And let me add: If I can make it there / I’ll make it everywhere.

Kisses from Osaka ~


Finalmente e’ tempo per una vacanza lunga, in occasione della Festa Nazionale cinese! Ne ho approfittato per un break nella Terra del Sol Levante, un viaggio che programmavo da anni, e che adesso puo’ diventare realta’…

7 giorni pieni, itinerario classico per i principianti che come me si vogliono avvicinare al Nippon: Osaka-Kyoto-Tokyo.

E cosi’ colgo l’occasione per rimettere mano al blog, che ho dovuto lasciare inattivo per molto tempo… Eccovi quindi una simpatica cartolina preparata al volo – un post fotografico insomma – sulla prima destinazione del mio tour, Osaka. Definita da molti come l’anti-capitale del Giappone!

Baci da Osaka ~

osaka-safari-presentation02 4000_03 osaka-shi-02

Letture sotto l’ombrellone – Esce “Dermathopia” di Alberto Vertighel


Dal 7 Luglio e’ disponibile l’ebook del surreale racconto di Alberto, “Dermathopia”, edito da Kipple Officina Libraria e vincitore del Premio Short Kipple 2014.

Riprendendo il filone classico dell'”isola misteriosa”, la storia di “Dermathopia” vede come protagonisti Zia Helin e Moss, seguendo i loro piani per trascorrere una vacanza alternativa su di un esclusiva isola resort, un atollo sperduto fra gli oceani del pianeta Terra. Fra divertimenti e sballi new-age, una fiorente industria di cliniche di bellezza e chirurgia plastica ha trasformato il luogo in un ricettacolo intergalattico di manipolazione estetica.

Il folle viaggio fra i segreti dell’isola sara’ l’occasione per entrambi per potersi confrontare con i fantasmi del proprio passato, riportando alla luce la solitudine e le debolezze post-umane che soffocano la loro vita di tutti i giorni nella metropoli di New Macau.

Un racconto che abbraccia tematiche come la solitudine, la manipolazione mentale e corporale, ed una ironica riflessione sulla dura vita degli immigrati sul pianeta Terra.

Un ringraziamento speciale va a Kipple, punto di riferimento per la Fantascienza & il Fantastico in Italia, da diversi anni in prima linea nel mondo dell’editoria digitale italiana.

L’ebook di “Dermathopia” e’ ora acquistabile su diverse edicole digitali italiane:

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“Dermathopia” is out! Alberto’s first short story has been published by Kipple Officina Libraria (in ITALIAN version).
An intense mingle between Sci-Fi and New Weird, “Dermathopia” traces the story of an Auntie and her nephew on a bizarre holiday at a surreal island resort on planet Earth. Home to an artificial industry of plastic surgery and beauty parlors, the mysterious trip will unfold a series of disturbing secrets held between the two, which will lead them both to re-confront with the spleen of their everyday living.

A novella about solitude, the loneliness of alien immigrants on Earth, transformation of body and mind, and.. family bonds.

KIPPLE (publishers’ website)
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Premio Racconti nella Rete 2014 – “I neuro-reklaam sono l’anima del commercio” di Alberto Vertighel


Segnalo la mia partecipazione all’interessante concorso “Premio Racconti nella Rete”, con un nuovo racconto breve: “I neuro-reklaam sono l’anima del commercio”. Un breve scritto che parla di ragazze, di come approcciarle, e.. della pubblicita’.

Per la lettura:

Premio Racconti nella Rete 2014 “I neuro-reklaam sono l’anima del commercio” di Alberto Vertighel.

The Storm, or “An unconventional job interview”



Today I had a very unconventional job interview. Yes – I am kind of job hunting again…

Well, truth is, I actually find that in Shanghai you can easily get the chance to end up with quirky job interviews, face to face with “weird bosses”. It seems to happen inside and outside mad men’s advertising world. A lot of start-ups especially, where they look for enterpreneurial people. That’s how they say it – dangerous buzzword, when you job hunt.

So today, in a coffee shop in Pudong, I met up with Mr. J.Y. His company organizes outdoor experiences all over China. He spoke with French accent, wore a Quechua suit as he was just came back from camping. A former employee of “Decathlon”, he now preaches for a slow lifestyle, with a dedication for nature and outdoor.

For this reason, for such a character, we quickly ended up talking about “the storm”, aka life’s setbacks. This happened when he asked me why I didn’t just go back to Europe for a quiet living. So I thought about a quote I read earlier today. And I replied: I need a “storm” right now. I need to go through some storms in order to become a better man.

J.Y. understood the metaphor. But he also asked me how can I find my “Perfect Storm”, if I keep running away.

He then insisted I was not the right person for the job, as my Chakra was full of melancholia. He ended up saying: “Boy, you are still look for a job. But you should be looking for a purpose.”

This was the quote, I’d like to share it with you:

“And once the storm is over, you won’t remember how you made it through, how you managed to survive. You won’t even be sure, whether the storm is really over. But one thing is certain. When you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what this storm’s all about.” 

H. Murakami