Twilight records – “Nebraska” by Bruce Springsteen, 1982


I always got a special fascination with gloomy, poorly recorded and worn out albums, especially those put out by big rock’n roll stars in cryptic moments of their career.

In 1982, Bruce Springsteen, “the Boss” of American rock, was at the apex of his career.

“Born to Run”, published with the E-Street band in 1975, projected him to solid stardom, followed by other smashing successes until the acclaim of “The River” (1980).

When everyone’s eyes were on Springsteen’s next move, the boss basically locked himself in his room and recorded a demo of plain acoustic songs on a cassette tape recorder.


After attempts on re-recording this act with a louder rock formula through a rock band, the record label gave up, and decided to publish Bruce’s original bedroom demos.  


Nebraska is one of the coldest and less populated states of the American States.

Accordingly, the record sound is grave, hypnotic and monotonous. A reflection of Springsteen 1982’s own introspections possibly, and a signpost for the political tones given by the characters that populate this disturbing record.