First post: “Vertigine”, the Blog of Alberto Vertighel. From Shanghai~


Dear all, this first post in English is a short declaration of intents, to present the contents that will be shared through this blog. I plan to manage this page with both Italian and English contents, to make sure friends and followers from all over the world can appreciate the little stories and sparks that hopefully will be hosted here.

About our title: “Vertigine” is an Italian word, meaning simply vertigo: a sensation of dizziness caused by a disorder of the sense of balance.

Having clarified on this.. I guess this blog will focus on Alberto Vertighel’s interests and activities, including the following:

-Books, stories, reading & writing (From science-fiction to beyond)
-Our new project, Nuova Sproll: a collective of young writers in Naples and Shanghai
-Movies, music, the arts, food, communication
-China, Shanghai & the Far East
-World travelling
-Quirky facts and news, and everything worth sharing

Keep you posted! And do not hesitate to contact me in private too.