Social Media vs. Social Damage


I have always been very very intrigued by the nexus between social media world and what I should call… social damage. We are all aware how Social Media impacted on our life, and I am sure most of us is ready to agree that the social 2.0 reality has opened up an infinite commuincation potential, giving a positive twist to our commuication world. However, being myself still quite a fan of offline reality, I’m always ready to challenge this view. Is social media more of a Pandora’s Box?

This one is a microdocumentary very well worth sharing – with a fresh acumen it really digs into this subject matter, especially drawing on the utterly illusive nature of web-nurtured social circles and friendships. When humans build up a social circle, there are isssues of sustainability to be addressed: in today’s fast-paced information world it has clearly become more and more problematic to establish a genuine human connection that can function on a emotional level – intimate.

So, is social media becoming a potential damaging factor in our life?

Is it just another media where to channel our loneliness?

Your personal comments are welcome.